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Summary of aadhar card online application form

February 27, 2018 by Posted in: Business

According to a recent survey, 99% of the population above the age of 18 has aadhaar card from However, its saturation percentage is 91% which means it is the people above the age of 18 who still don’t have aadhaar. With the government planning to roll out aadhaar pay and many other aadhaar powered projects, everyone needs to have it as soon as possible.


Although many people think that getting aadhaar is a cumbersome process, but here we will bust this myth. In simple steps, you will learn how to get an aadhaar card:


  1. Go to
  2. You can choose the language of the site from the upper left corner.
  3. Get the enrollment form online on

  1. Fill in the following details in the form:
  • NPR receipt number(if available) &/or TIN number
  • Full name (minor alterations are allowed. Like if the identity proof says Pooja, it can be altered to Puja)
  • Gender(male/female/transgender)
  • Full address with pin code
  • Email id & mobile number
  • Details of father/mother/guardian/husband/wife. This is compulsory for minors. However adults can opt it out. You need to mention their EID number.
  • Fill up the verification. Fill your own details if you have your DOB proof, POI, POR and POA proof. You can also choose to fill your introducer’s aadhaar number or head of the family’s aadhaar number.
  • Sign under the disclosure and put your stamp. Just sign under that column if you don’t have stamp.
  • Fill in the date and time.
  1. Read the instructions carefully and ensure that you have all the required documents. A list of instructions and accepted documents is available on the page 2 of the form.





We realized that people have a pre-conceived notion that since it is a governmental form, it will be complex. We have explained here in bits to make you realize that is pretty simple. So, just download the form and fill it up for your aadhaar.